The Hub: The hub is the centre of all we do at 42ABCD. Here is where brand strategies are plotted, brand positions are created, and from where all account planning and servicing is managed. The hub also provides broad creative direction to network partners.

The Difference: We do not claim to be the only agency to work on a network-model. However, what we believe is definitely unique about the 42ABCD Network though is that our partnerships aren’t just arms-length or purely commercial in nature. Along with our partners, we invest considerable energies in creating symbiotic relationships on the bedrock of the simple, obvious and yet rare principles that are emblazoned across this website.

The Network: A large network of partners supports 42ABCD to deliver the highest levels of brand communications services to our customers. This network assists 42ABCD with an access to unlimited resources, both in terms of quality and numbers. Each of these partners comes with considerable skill and expertise in a specialized area of brand communications. Every network partner has access to all partners on the network, which creates an access and freedom for all partners to collaborate and scale.